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Classic  wingtip derby in Kid leather in burgundy. Finished with a bark-tanned leather sole from Rendenbach Jr. and calf lining. Featuring a medallion design on the toe.

Style made on soft chiseled Rain last. Semi-squared shaped last with wide fitting.

Kid leather remarks

Kid leatheris so special that I would compare it with silk if it were a textile. This leather comes from a goat no older than a year. Its main characteristics are the strength of its fibres as well as the beautiful result. This goat lives inthe mountains where it is constantly running and jumping, therefore the leatheris extremely durable and thin at the same time. Its thickness is of no more than 0.6 to 0.8 millimetres, which demands a special type of lining between the leather and the final lining to give it the appropriate thickness. In comparison with our bovine leather, our most popular leather used for daily shoes has a thickness around 2 to 2.3 millimetres. The kid leather, instead, is a very thin material that is extremely difficult to manufacture. Our great manufacturing technique makes it possible and allows us to outstand in its manufacturing. Despite all its differences and special features, we have managed to create Goodyear shoes with kid leather. We have always had a special technique to do so, although we stopped manufacturing them a few years ago when these leathers stopped meeting our quality standards. Now that we have found a leather that does meet our requirements, we are prepared to create a small group since we will only use kid leather of maximum quality. For now, itis enough to start with a few pairs for customers with discerning taste that are on the hunt for something special. The kid’s leather best trait has made it very difficult for other Goodyear manufacturers to make shoes out of this kid leather since the thickness of the leather is by far too flimsy. As a result, we can assure that we are the first shoemakers worldwide to achieve this. We hope to find an elite that yearns for the kid’s leather beauty and comfort.

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